About HRHealthPros

Your Source for Medical Experts

Healthcare today is a complex landscape that can be confusing and expensive to consumers and patients. While medical practices strive to find and maintain loyal customers, patients strive to find medical practices and service providers in which they can trust.

The entire process of matching health care providers and prospective patients has gotten pretty complicated for medical facilities, doctors, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and especially patients. In some cases, consumers simply don't know who to call or what to do.

HR Health Pros is a unique effort designed to help both.

Prospective patients expect to take charge of their own healthcare management, and expect open dialogues with their doctors about diagnosis and treatment options. Technology enables patients to connect directly with healthcare providers and insurers. HR Health Pros provides easy and convenient access to trusted information from reliable and established local practices.

HR Health Pros combines the power of video and display advertising to facilitate a true interaction between patients and practices. More than just commercial messages, HRHealthPros offers long-form videos online for patients to find in depth information.

Clinical practices have an opportunity to tell their whole story, not just what will fit in 30 seconds. HR Health Pros allows these stories to be told, and heard....meaning people evaluating medical decisions can be better informed where they may spend their dollars and invest their trust.

If you're a business and would like to explore how HR Health Pros can help you have more meaningful conversations with your potential customers, submit a quick contact web form to contact us.