Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute


The HAMPTON UNIVERSITY PROTON THERAPY INSTITUTE is the only Cancer Treatment Center offering this successfully tested protocol between Washington and Atlanta. Our facility and staff is also among the first and longest running practices on the East Coast with patients visiting from all over the U.S. and many countries abroad.

Here’s what a Proton treatment plan provides in contrast to other cancer treatments:

  • Proton Therapy is the most precise form of radiation treatment.
  • Proton Therapy targets the tumors while sparing surrounding healthy tissue, causing far fewer side effects than traditional therapy.
  • Compared to Conventional Beam Therapy, a Proton beam will deliver a minimal dose in front of the tumor and a maximum dose to the tumor region and no dose behind it.
  • Conventional beam therapy delivers x-ray radiation along the entire path through the patient, affecting healthy tissue along the way.

You are welcomed to visit our facility off Hampton Roads Center Parkway in Hampton to see what may be the correct option for your Cancer treatment. Effective, safe and fewer side-effects, make Proton Therapy worth checking out.

HUPTI - 40 Enterprise Parkway, Hampton, VA 23666 | Phone: (877) 251-6838
Visit our website to learn more at: www.HAMPTONPROTON.ORG

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